Monday, February 28


We continue the juggtastic shenanigans with the lovely Rebecca in this weeks exciting episode. Rebecca decided to don the same outfit she wore when she dived out of the aircraft at 10,000 feet to indulge the fantasy of some crazed sex fiend to have sex at 10,000ft. She looked stunning in the outfit & I wasted no time in helping her get those giant juicy juggs lubed up! Luckily my wife Lara Latex was on cam, which freed me to get my trotters on those mountainous mounds unhindered. As you can imagine, it all ended up as a steaming lust filled labyrinth of lasciviousness that would have caused that.

Monday, January 3

Crazed bumtastic fuck fest!

Jimslip members will still be reeling with shock from last weeks episode featuring Cherry, the sex crazed nymph! However, this week, even I, your faithful scribe, was shocked to my very core when Cherry sat me down & declared, “I tire of normal sex, Jim, so I have now decided that I’d like to don some of my sexy clobber, that I normally save for the weekend & force you to indulge in anal sex with my goodself!”

Thursday, December 30

Sex crazed skydiving shenanigans members with be sneaking out of their New Years Even parties to check out the lovely, juggtastic Rebecca literally bursting onto your screens to welcome in 2022! The girls that arrive for my castings always leave me in shock & awe at their tales of the crazed, wanton depths of moral turpitude their clients sink to. Rebecca describes how one of these degenerates demanded she shag him whilst skydiving & the whole shocking debacle of airborne filth, to be recorded on cam by a third party!

Monday, December 20

Happy Christmas!

After salivating over the gorgeous Amelia for the last 2 weeks you will be delighted to see this week she returns in the spirit of Christmas & New Year, nay, Hogmanay if you will. I must admit, I think there’d be a few eyebrows raised & drinks spilt if she were to show up at a Kayleigh, or should I say, cèilidh, in her miniscule festive kilt! If that weren’t shocking enough, the addition of high heels, over-knee grey socks, tiny top & hair in bunches would have brought the dancing to an abrupt end, as eagle eyed merry makers tried to get an eyeful of Amelia’s kilt flying up & down!

Wednesday, December 1

Let them eat cake!

The stunning Cherry is back and she’s horny! This time dressed in a flimsy top & a pair of shorts, so small they could have been fashioned by a mouse with a sewing machine & some denim cloth. As usual the giggling babe had a story to tell of her latest shenanigans of shame, this week’s being the baking of huge cakes in a bathtub, smothering them with cream and then smearing them all over her body, whilst eager webcam fans salivated as they furiously masturbated at the sordid spectacle! Naturally, I couldn’t wait t get my trotters on her & inside those little shorts!

Sunday, November 7

Welsh Sex Kitten!

This week we have the gorgeous Amelia! She arrived to do a jimslip casting wearing a tiny top, miniscule denim shorts & blue pumps. This is a classic Jimslip outfit, so I was so impressed I decided to get to the nitty gritty immediately, so I got my dick out & the lovely Amelia dropped to her knees & sucked it. So far so good. I stepped away to put a little tick next to BLOW JOB on my special form.

Sunday, October 10

Cheerful Cheer Leader

This week we have the lovely Andrea. She arrived to do a casting & the only outfit she had to wear was a kind of cheer leader’s ensemble complete with cowboy boots. I do believe this is the first time on the site that anyone has dressed like this & I must admit I was very impressed. Andrea was gagging for some cock, so we dispensed with the normal in depth interview & instead I shoved my hand down her tiny shorts & we got started. To be honest I couldn’t wait to get stuffed inside her & when I did we both let out a huge groan.